UTT otherwise known as Upon The Tides is a verbal roleplaying game were players take turns upgrading and purchasing (using imaginary forms of currency) items to help improve there ships power and efficiency. The game revolves around a dystopian environment were the world is becoming overrun with the disease called I.N.K or Internal Nerve Killer. People infected with this disease developed an immunity to pain. The government saw this disease as a threat to there power and the safety of humanity. The government joined forces with Intercorp an organization already working to eliminate these people to create a machine of great power. This machine with the large amount of work done by Andor the original creator of Intercorp, was able to be completed. The machine would theoretically be able to remove the memory and existence of people clean off the place they lived in. The machine would create waves witch only targeted people with this disease. Once the machine was ready to be fired upon the first location reported of having large numbers of people with this disease, it malfunctioned. Andor was like, "yo that totally blew up our faces, heheheheheeh." Then he died.

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